Healing the Badge Training Flyer

Healing the Badge Training:

Our “Healing the Badge” training courses can be scaled to 2, 4 or 8 hour blocks, depending on preference and needs.  We are passionate about providing law enforcement professionals with the tools requisite for success within, outside and beyond the law enforcement career.  We have observed the unchecked corrosive effects emanating from the negative aspects of the law enforcement career, as  significant suffering is inflicted upon officers, leaders and families.  Although substantial progress in the realm of emotional resilience education for law enforcement professionals has been observed during the past few decades, we assess this topic as remaining under addressed.  Our training aims to assist in closing the persistent gap between the emotional resilience knowledge available and the information presently disseminated to the profession.  Our training is presented from three primary perspectives, including assisting officers, leaders and families in the development of emotional durability.  Further, our instruction extends beyond many other emotional resilience training platforms, in that it integrates principles of leadership, as a critical mechanism for enhancing the emotional durability of officers and agents.


  • The Biology of Hypervigilance
  • Healthy Identity Perception/Sense of Self
  • Physical Health/Emotional Health Link
  • Financial Management/Emotional Health Connection
  • Moderating Cynicism
  • Addressing Burnout
  • Vicarious or Secondary Trauma
  • PTS (Post Traumatic Stress), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and PTG (Post Traumatic Growth)
  • Mitigating Stress by Autonomy Retention, Purpose and Deliberate Goal Orientation
  • Developing Grit Via a Growth Mindset.
  • Learned Optimism as an Effective Resilience Tool


  • Modifying Organizational Culture Towards Emotional Preservation and Durability
  • Recognizing Emotional Warning Signs of at Risk Officers/Agents
  • Modeling/Teaching Healthy Emotional Coping Strategies
  • Resisting Machiavellian Leadership, Embracing a Transformational Style
  • The Cascading Effects of Toxic Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence Development and Leadership
  • Developing Authentic Concern for Subordinate Needs, Embracing Mentoring
  • Assuming the Human Shield Role, Filtering and Mitigating Negative Influences
  • Humility (Mistake Admission), Growth Mindset, Consistent Personal Development
  • Informal Authority and Authentic Influence Tactics
  • Multi-Directional Leadership


  • Teaching the Biological Effects of Hypervigilance to Families
  • Rejecting Family Enabling Behavior and Instituting Cooperative Coping Strategies
  • Integrating Family Into Physical Health Maintenance
  • Restoring Autonomy Via Deliberate Family Planning Through Counsels, Short, Medium and Long Range Goals
  • Orchestrating Meaningful Family Relationships