The individual is the focus of this essential pursuit in the realms of emotional resilience, emotional mastery and achievement.  When we speak of officers and agents, we include law enforcement professionals of all ranks within their organizations.  All of us incur a measure of emotional trauma, as a result of our labors throughout the years.  Heal the Badge Consulting is dedicated to mitigating the negative impact of such trauma, while providing tools for comprehending, processing and addressing these obstacles inhibiting personal emotional equilibrium, healthy interpersonal relationships and comprehensive joy.  We are passionate about assisting law enforcement professionals maintain and reconstruct emotional resilience, as they journey through their law enforcement career and beyond.

Personal Achievement:

Our training materials disseminated via live training sessions, the Healing the Badge blog, as well as future pursuits currently under construction, are crafted by applying the aforementioned goals.  We feel an urgency to share our insights with our brothers and sisters behind the badge, in order to assist them in leading a fulfilling and meaningful life, both on and off duty.  By focusing on healing those wearing the badge, we are convinced the ripple effect will begin to improve our organizations, communities and families.  We embrace a growth mindset, rejecting the belief that individual ability and achievement is fixed.  We invite you to consider the notion that you possess the power to direct the outcome of your life, regardless of the negative influences inside and outside of your organizations.  We encourage you to consider the scientifically verified psychological, biological, and leadership concepts we have synthesized with years of professional and academic experience, in the context of emotional resilience, emotional mastery and personal achievement.  We are convinced these concepts will provide mechanisms for reframing unhealthy beliefs and practices inhibiting personal progression.